Wednesday, June 30, 2010

heads up

anyone playing wizard1o1, the test realm is open to subscribers now. It will show you the tower you must complete before going to Celestia. WARNING!!!! that tower cheats. with one pip the bosses will cast level 5 or higher spells. you will need 4 people to go in there with you. the best combo would to have a death, storm, life, and, fire or ice person. with those you have multiple hits to the people and you have health. if there are bosses and then helpers, kill the helpers first because they are the ones who will heal each other.


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  1. Cough cough. I am from one year in the future oooooohhh x acts like ghost x YOU HAVE A BLOG LEXI! Make sure you keep it updated :D It would be very nice if you could, Thanks!